Rob Small Mastering

iTunes Mastering

"Rob has always been our go to guy for mastering for both Tough Love & our label Get Twisted. His masters always fit perfectly in the clubs & are equally well balanced for radio. Being MFiT registered also means we are able to keep up with the demands of iTunes."

Tough Love, Get Twisted

Mastered for iTunes means that your material has been mastered exclusively for distribution on iTunes. MFiT masters need to be carried out by an Apple iTunes certified/registered mastering engineer which is technically able to adhere to Apple’s protocol. Mastered For iTunes takes advantage of the encoders that iTunes use to create the AAC format when you purchase content from the iTunes store.

The mastering will sound slightly different and usually a little closer to original premaster, with no heavy processing or aggressive compression. The final output is a sonically pleasing on-the-ears master which is thoroughly checked to make sure the intersample peaks and digital over clips are corrected, allowing the iTunes encoding process to be successful.

The files provided to you will be in 24Bit High Resolution  which Apple will then convert using their Sample Rate Conversion (SRC).

Price List

  • 1 Track: £25
  • 2 Tracks: £45
  • 3 Tracks: £57.50
  • 4 Tracks: £65

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1 master revision per track is allowed inclusive of the fee. All bulk order files must be sent in the same working day for the discount to apply. Due to the high volume of mastering requests we receive, we require between 2 and 5 business days for the turnaround time on your mastering so please be patient. We will let you know the scheduled date for your mastering ASAP.

Please inform us if you require urgent mastering. Please make sure that you're completely 100% confident with your mixdown before you send your track to be mastered. If your kicks are too loud, or your hats are too high, then the mastering will enhance this.

PLEASE make sure your mixdowns are done to the best of your ability and that you're satisfied before sending. There will be an additional £5 fee if mixdowns need to be altered post mastering and sent to be re-mastered. This is to cover the additional studio time spent remastering your material.