Rob Small Mastering

Stem Mastering

"We have been working with Rob Small for several years now. We have always been really happy of his work ethics and overall quality! All tracks sounds great and his service is really fast."

Jerome Dennis, LouLou Players

Stem Mastering is an enhanced form of mastering which allows more control over the dynamics, frequency isolation & attenuation and troublesome instrumentation.

* This service is not to be confused with ‘Stem Mixing’, as the two services are very different.

You would send 8 or 9 mixed stems (which means you leave all of your processing such as compression, eq, effects etc. switched on and the volumes of the channels set to how you want them), grouped into instruments, such as:

  • Kick
  • Bass
  • Snares/Claps
  • Percs
  • Tops (hats/cymbals/shakers etc)
  • Chords
  • Synths
  • Build up effects/transitional effects (white noise/filter noise/cymbal crashes etc)
  • Vocals (if any - must be mixed properly)

Price List

  • 8 stems £50
  • Each additional stem £5

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It's very important to remember; for Stem Mastering the track still needs to be mixed to the best of your ability, so that all stems when played simultaneously would sound exactly like the entire premaster mix would sound in your DAW.

Stem mastering is not like Stem Mixing; which is where you would send every stem from your track (with your processing switched on) which would then be mixed together. Stem Mastering & Stem Mixing is very different process entirely.

If you are unsure of the process then please email us with your concerns and we will explain the procedure to you clearly and politely.